Here I go Again

Just the other day, an old blogging friend of mine spoke up about restarting his old blog. Like me, he had a blog he updated regularly that was popular, and yet as time passed he eventually shut it down. I actually had two that did well (one after the other) and eventually shut them all down. Mostly, my old blogs were fitness and life oriented.

The first blog, I shut down because I was tired of dealing with the trolls (some of which actually turned out to be relatives of mine, that I have nothing to do with now. Ain’t genetics grand?) You can have a thick skin, but eventually you just ask yourself why you’re bothering to do this at all. So, pfft! Done.

Then I missed writing, got the bug again, and started a new one. It wasn’t nearly as popular, but it still had a big enough draw. I remember doing a lot of thinking at the time about why we write blogs; is it for ourselves, or are we seeking popularity (similar to how some people get all twitterpated over the amount of likes/followers on Instagram and that sort of thing)? I eventually realized it was kind of both. We write for ourselves, but we’re also hoping people will come along that we can connect with a little bit too; that we’re not just shouting out into the Aether, never receiving a response.

I feel old saying this, but “back then” (lordy) people still connected with each other through blogs and comments, and it was a way to feel less isolated. Eventually, I gave in and joined the dark side, aka Facebook, and I became part of the great migration to the short, but faster contact movement. That sounded dirty and disappointing, all at the same time. Hmm. Oddly accurate, when it comes to Facebook, I suppose?

Social media rose, blogs declined, I shut my second blog down and just worked through Facebook, sorta connecting to people. But somewhere in all of that, something was lost. We got to know some people more, but other people less because it was just too easy for a post to “go viral” and then folks would pile on so fast. Too fast for the original person to really put together a well thought out front that they wanted to present, and no way to control the narrative. Instead, Facebook (and Twitter, and whatever else) has become a fast-paced, short-syllable sort of lightning round where no one listens and ppl dnt evn spl anymore, because it apparently doesn’t matter.

Well, it turns out that it matters to me.

Also, I am one of those people who refuses to use textspeak. Because it’s stupid. We have WORDS people. Full-on freakin’ words. I drive my kids (20, 18 – so not really kids anymore) nuts because my texts to them are complete sentences. I don’t care. Maybe full words are my generation’s “Get off my lawn!”

So, my blogging-bug is back. I’m now in a position where I want to write again, but… but… where did everyone go? Some say they all went to Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat… whatever the next big app/platform is. Is that true? And if so, does that mean that we have stopped reading anything longer than a few cute or quippy sentences? I tried looking for feeds (on Feedly), and those are also missing or the blogs that are there under certain categories haven’t been posted in for a long time, neglected and possibly abandoned.

Well, even if it’s just to the Aether: I’M HERE. I’m back. I’m completely lost trying to figure out WordPress (I used Blogger before.)


11 thoughts on “Here I go Again”

  1. Oh, yes…you took the words out of my mouth with this:

    “Social media rose, blogs declined…But somewhere in all of that, something was lost.”

    I don’t know if I knew you “back then”, but I’m glad to get to know you now!! Welcome back to the light side. 🙂

    And for the record, I REFUSED to join Facebook for YEARS…in fact, my account is only 8 years old (now that makes me sound even older, lol)…but it did help my descent into the mad rabbit hold of social media. But, just like I’ve re-found twitter, I’ve refound my love of blogging. Even if my kids are now all teenagers/adults and can tell me I’m not allowed to talk about them. 😉

    Also…”Get of my lawn!!” I use full words, too. All the time.


    1. Ha! YAY! Another like-minded person who uses full words! I think we might have crossed paths? I was Savyart… but you know, I can’t even remember the exact name of my blogs anymore. How’s that for old? I’m following you now too!


  2. Welcome back! Feels good, right? Great first post. You echo my thoughts on all of it. The way it used to be before all the advertisers moved in. I’m not saying all ads are bad. But when it’s the driving force behind your blog? It’s not a blog I probably want to read. They used to call us “personal bloggers.” I don’t know what umbrella we fall under these days. Hell, at the moment, I don’t know much. It’s like I’m relearning this blogging stuff all over again!


    1. I think we’re retro-personal bloggers? Rehabbing the blogging world one WHOLE freaking paragraph at a time? Blogging-crusaders? We may have to get capes. I’m definitely rusty at all of this though. Upside, I feel like I have lots of stuff to write about again!


  3. Welcome back again to the world of blogging!

    You are correct, we blog or write for both ourselves and others. Though sometimes blogging can feels like talking to yourself. But I’ll take that anytime compared to a like/heart; some people just clicking without even bothering to read first. That is, I’m not big on Social Media, it’s difficult to have meaningful conversations there. Yet it seems one can’t do without for visibility and eventually selling of our artworks…I don’t know.

    Good to read you. Keep at it! 🙂


    1. Thank you Khaya! I agree, it’s very difficult to have meaningful dialogue on social media. I would log off of Facebook (most of the way) if I could, but my business really is thriving through there, so I have to be there. It allows connectivity with clients that they actually didn’t get in the past – so that is a benefit that I am able to offer that I wasn’t prior to Facebook. It’s still hard though, it’s not like it used to be. I actually find it hard to remember that the reason Facebook killed off blogs in the first place was that it WAS full of good conversations and not all these ads and other nonsense it’s 95% of now. I think people will come back, or at least drift back to reading and engaging. I HOPE!


  4. It’s good to see you back to blogging, I’ve always really enjoyed reading your writing, so you won’t just be going into the Aether!


  5. Hi Kyra!
    Glad you’re starting a new blog, even if I am a little bit late to the party (too much work these days, lots of catching up to do!)
    Looking forward to read more posts 🙂
    Bises from France!


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