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Because I SAID so!

I really thought this whole Empty-Nester thing was going to be so easy. I mean, what is there to figure out? It turns out that the answer is... JUST about everything. Drama sorted itself out by the end of last week, and more relaxed days returned. That meant I could go back to trying to… Continue reading Because I SAID so!


A Little Bit of Hope

Today is the first day of classes for my son, who has officially been moved to college. It wasn't an easy move, because as it turns out that his dorm is one without air conditioning and his room (with three other guys) was clocking in around 85 degrees at 8AM move-in. My son actually got… Continue reading A Little Bit of Hope

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Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)

Traditionally when you start up a blog, introductions are in order. Back in the day, I was a 20-something, then a 30-something blogger, and now I'm 44. I'm over the "something" part, I'm 44. I feel like "something" added some sort of hidden dread of getting older. As if that would somehow stave it all… Continue reading Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)