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Yep, Still Alive

Ok, to be completely honest I did NOT forget that I have a blog this time. I actually sat down to write, many times. Instead of completing a post I could publish, I found myself overwhelmed and negative, and just deleting the whole thing. It’s just been… a lot. Not all negative or anything, but a LOT.

Quick update and snapshot of at least some of the “A LOT!” (I’m checking my previous post so I get this right):

My daughter did move back to North Carolina, about a week and a half ago. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the moving company, and she STILL doesn’t have her stuff yet. They informed her they have up to 21 days to get it to her, which was a nasty shock (but listed in the fine print of her contract. She used a moving broker, so they work with various moving companies and it’s a clusterfoooook.) They also nailed her for a bit more money prior to the move that she couldn’t undo at the move, and so it was a tearful evening – especially as the movers didn’t show up the first day they were expected, and then it was 9-12 the next day, oh, no make that 12-2, oh wait! 3:30-5… no, the earliest is 6pm now… They finally showed up at 6:30pm. We were cleaning their apartment until well after 11PM. At this point, she is happy to be down in NC, but without a BED and is sleeping on the floor and hoping in two weeks she will actually have her things again. It’s ridiculous.

That fun party for my daughter turning 21? I had one of the worst migraines that I have had in a while, and so I spent the afternoon and evening throwing up and wondering if I should go to the ER while everyone else celebrated (sorta) without me. So, yeah, kinda ruined that one a little bit. I have major guilt. Not my fault, but yeah, crap-mom moment.

That party was while my parents were out here staying with us for two weeks for my daughter’s birthday and my son’s graduation (his girlfriend came out to stay for a week too – full house!) My mom has MS (with a bit of dementia-like behavior) and this was a bit of a full time gig, keeping people occupied and entertained. Fortunately, we managed to finish our bedroom remodel and get the living room back to normal before they all showed up!

My bedroom before:

Bedroom before (but we got started before I snapped a pic), carpet ripped out, baseboard heating removed, trim removed, and scary ceiling fan down.

And After… although, we did a little more than this too, with the faux wall trim carrying around the entire “crown molding” area. It looks nifty (but I need to clean, so I’m not going to go snap another picture right now! *ahem*)

Bedroom after, new paint on walls, ceiling, trim, new ceiling fan, and I love my new floor!
Bedroom after, with the faux (and far more affordable) reclaimed wood wall with the headboard against it. Oh, and they had an outlet for a light in the center of the wall which was kind of weird (maybe they had the two twin beds set-up like my grandparents did? These people were in their 90’s when they moved out) but, anyway, I found this porch light at Lowe’s, and it looks so cute – fitting in with our rustic-modern-vermontish theme!

It’s so nice! I love my bedroom and the back room (from my earlier post) because they feel like they’re OURS. The previous owners lived here for 24 years and never put color on the walls or much of anything. It was strange. Most places, you can feel an echo of people who have lived there before, at least until you paint over walls or something, but this place? It was so empty and vacant of any personality or any spark, and everything was white. They painted the ceiling, walls and trim all with the same white paint when they built and never touched it again. I suppose I am grateful for the blank canvas (mostly, just some things to be fixed or ripped out like weird shelving), but I find it a little sad as well for them. Although, maybe sterile and blank made them happy? It gives me the creeps, but to each their own!

My son – my youngest child – graduated, thank goodness! See ya, public school system! HA!

It was a bit of a sad graduation day. I want to explain publicly why, but as always I can’t. I can say that we wondered if we would even see this day, so it was a good thing. However, it was also a surreal experience to sit there with other parents and “normal” kids and watching their “normal” interactions and feeling so damn isolated. Sometimes, it’s like living behind glass; I can SEE normal, everywhere. I can damn near touch it. But it’s not ours. My son wanted to leave right away, so we didn’t even get to see any of our friends who also had kids graduating. We went home, had cake, and everything was wrapped up, put away and dead silent in the house by noon. We were invited down the street to other friends’ kids graduation parties, but I just couldn’t do it.

Right after our houseguests went back home a few days later, my new little fluff-ball Cleo(patra) got really sick. We were at the vet a lot, and I worried we were going to lose her. I’m ridiculously attached to her. After fluids and antibiotics and whatnot, she got better. Thank goodness! Although, she may be a bit sickly her whole life off and on, we’re told.

I mean, she sleeps like THIS! Is that not totally freakin’ cute?

Now, we’re in the midst of a MAJOR phase of remodeling, but I think I should break things up and post about that one later! I also just got back into my studio two days ago, after months of being unable to really work. I plan on posting more here now, especially since I have more to share.

So, I’ll leave it here. I’m alive. Stuff is happening! And oh, yeah, it’s summer!

My backyard. Look! We have wisteria on the right there!

7 thoughts on “Yep, Still Alive”

  1. I haven’t needed to use a moving company in 14 years and only barely at that. Large items moved across town so it was all same day. But I’ve heard nothing but nightmare stories from people using movers lately. My SiL’s best friend moved recently and didn’t get her stuff delivered for a month and a half.

    Makes me think that my friends’ idea of loading everything in one of those PODS and having it delivered to the new address. Not sure if that works for long distance, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanted her to do PODS, but they wouldn’t deliver to her appt and she was going to have to rent a truck and drive 90 minutes one way each trip to get her stuff. We had a moving company take us from NC to here, but the company moved us, and I think the moving companies don’t screw with big companies instead of individual people. My daughter is wishing she had just driven the truck herself now. Hopefully this will be something forgotten after she gets her stuff. I’m worried, though.


  2. Good to hear you’re alive and kicking, Kyra. It sounds like you had a lot on your plate, and yes sometimes it can be overwhelming to talk or write about it all, at times. But you also had some good things happening to celebrate; your daughters 21st, your son’s graduation and progress on your renovation project.

    But, but…I’m so happy to hear you’ll be posting here on the blogs more often. I saw your latest posts of your outstanding art on Facebook, and I can’t wait to hear about your creative pursuits. To be honest Facebook drains me, nowadays. There’s so much negativity there that I’ve contemplated quitting or create a page just for sharing my work. But later on that…it’s time to enjoy summer! 😀


    1. I find Facebook draining too. It’s other people’s echo chambers, and even when I AGREE with them, I just can’t take it anymore. The world is bleak and going down in flames on Facebook or the news. It’s actually not true… but it FEELS true. I don’t need to feel worse than I do. So, I try not to be on there too much.

      However, sometimes I find myself there and I’m not sure WHY that is. That’s the danger; you end up there without thinking. GAH! People don’t live anymore, they just post.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the danger, indeed. I always log in first thing, while drinking my coffee without thinking and then get mad at myself for doing so. It’s addictive, I say. 😀 And yes it’s sad but I agree, there’s no living there but churning of memes, not even posts…*sigh


      2. “there’s no living there but churning of memes, not even posts” Exactly! Although, I refuse to share other links and such for the most part (I might share a link maybe a couple times a year.) No memes, or links of that sort. I post actual posts, and I post my art, that’s it. Because of that, I don’t post as much as a lot of people, so I really shouldn’t be ON there much. But. But I find myself there a lot.

        I’ve created my own “echo chamber” of a sorts, because I unfollow or mute people who only share that stuff or stay on political rants for too long. I suppose it isn’t as bad since most of my feed is filled with other artist friends (I see lots of pretty stuff!), but it’s still a huge time-suck and a rabbit hole to fall down into. Also, I can really undermine my self-confidence if I’m on facebook or instagram for very long. I end up walking away wondering why I bother painting when I’m so bad at it, and oh I’m too old, and oh, I better lose 50 lbs, and I’m not doing enough *fill in charitable cause, current sad story, global crusade, etc* in this world.

        Makes me want to go find a dark corner of my closet and not come out again. No one is ever enough on social media.

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      3. Kyra you just answered a question I pose to creatives on my upcoming Friday (tomorrow’s) post. The question being, what are the benefits of having a FB page? Because it’s either that or I quit.

        Because if I’m there, I rather talk about my creative pursuits than sharing holiday photos. Something that bores followers, who are interested in that kind of diary type of postings, you know what I mean! 🙂

        And it’s the “dangerous” memes, or links of that sort, that people churn on their update status without giving much thought what they mean, who wrote them in the first place and why. There’s actually an interesting TED Talk about Dangerous Memes. But like you, I don’t do memes. They’ve become a way for people (even close) to “tell” you they are angry with you. Forget about picking up the phone or email and have a civil discussion. Go figure!

        And yes, social media has a way of making us feel worse about ourselves or inflate our egos. It’s painful to watch.


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