A Different Fairytale

I almost never get into talking politics, current issues, or something else controversial on my blogs. The reason for that is that even 10-20ish years ago (lordy, I've been at this a long time; I used to BBS in 1990, run boards on AOL and stuff later, I'm THAT much of a nerd) if you… Continue reading A Different Fairytale

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House Crazy-Land

As I mentioned in my previous post, we're in the midst of a major remodeling phase. There are a lot of things to fix in this house, but one of the biggest was the kitchen. I'm going to post photos, but the truth is that you just cannot comprehend how poorly this kitchen was laid… Continue reading House Crazy-Land

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Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)

Traditionally when you start up a blog, introductions are in order. Back in the day, I was a 20-something, then a 30-something blogger, and now I'm 44. I'm over the "something" part, I'm 44. I feel like "something" added some sort of hidden dread of getting older. As if that would somehow stave it all… Continue reading Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)