A Little 2019 Paint

I think the first order of slightly more positive business should be closing out what paintings I completed last year. So, without further ado, this is what I created after my last post in October 2019:

Northern Lights 14×18″ acrylic (sold)

“Northern Lights” was 2019’s annual holiday painting (it’s what I turn into holiday cards for clients who want to order them, etc.) It’s a painting that takes a bit more time than any of the others I’m going to show you. The rest are all smaller, faster paintings:

Fox 1, 5×7″ Acrylic (sold)
Fox 2, 5×7 acrylic (sold)
Reindeer 1, 5×7 acrylic (available)
Reindeer 2, 5×7 acrylic (sold)
Squeaks! 5×7 Acrylic (available)
Seagull, 5×7″ acrylic (available)

What I have also traditionally done is a painting-quilt. This is where I put in either my best work – or if it’s a bad year for production, ALL my work. I’ve had a couple tough years, so for many of these it’s been all, this is everything I painted in 2019.

This is a little more negative; I’m disappointed in myself. Again. This is not what I had hoped to show for 2019. I’m also on track for the same problem for 2020. However, I’m hoping to turn that around.

But… I’ll talk about that in another post! I think, for now, it’s best to just leave it with these paintings. I learned and grew a bit, and also kicked off some additional learning avenues that I wanted to pursue in 2020. That’s what art should do for artists; open the door to other ideas, in addition to everything else.


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