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I’ve been here a few times. I’ve started posts, and somehow abandoned them, overwhelmed or maybe even just uninterested. I admit, I didn’t read any. I simply withdrew.

Things got bad, but of course I cannot elaborate except to say if you are a parent, what is the worst thing you can imagine for your child? It falls into that realm. It’s strange when it’s someone else’s story, but it’s your story, too – but not enough that you can tell anyone. Between that and several other things, I basically told 2019 to not let the door hit it on its way out. Now, it seems like normalcy got off the train a few stops ago, maybe even in horrible 2019.

I know now that we, the world, are in a liminal phase. The last time I felt this, it was in the days following 9/11. I had my very young children around me, with the morning news on while I puttered around with laundry (how mundane, but true), and I saw it happen in real time. I remember feeling the bottom, that base of normalcy, floating away and leaving an unbalanced and shifting feeling in its wake.

It was like dropping a pebble in a well you couldn’t see down into, and waiting to hear the clink below, so you’d know. It’s the wait, the wondering, the holding of the breath and not knowing how things are really going to change. In many ways, this wait is far more difficult than facing the aftermath once things settle.

And here we wait.

I have funny stories to share from these strange days, and I will definitely share them. I will return to posting, and being more uplifting as well. However, for this post… for this evening, I simply feel heavy with the held breath and waiting to hear that damn pebble.


4 thoughts on “Liminal”

  1. “Liminal.” Pfft. Thanks for making me look up a word. You can be so annoying. :p

    I don’t know why we are sometimes in some sort of blogging sync, but I was about to start penning something, too. I’m also feeling we are on the cusp of…something. Myself, individually, and us as a people. Things are about to be something very…not what they were last month.


  2. Hi Kyra, I enjoy reading your posts because you’re always honest about where you are emotionally and mentally. So yes, your posts are worth the wait.

    What you share on the first paragraph describes exactly how I feel more and more about social media. Yet at these worrying times, it serves to connect us with loved one and friends, near and far, to be there for each other in whatever ways we can remotely.

    Oh, I know too well about liminality, but this quote gives a bit of hope…
    β€œIn the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.” – William Blake
    …let’s keep trying to find those doors in between, and see where they lead to.

    Sending you (and your family) love. And I eagerly await to hear your funny stories. πŸ™‚ Take care!


    1. Thank you Khaya πŸ™‚ And, yes, social media is a whole other world of overwhelm. It’s such a miserable place right now… and yet, I KEEP checking it! I don’t KNOW why. Maybe I’m just looking for connection, but I’m not happy with what I’m getting from it. Someone called it Fearbook, and that seems pretty accurate.

      I’m definitely going to be focused on looking for doors!

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