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Isn’t Halloween Over Yet?

I really don’t know what my problem is. I love Autumn. We even have a late Autumn going on here, and most of the leaves are still blazing away in all their glory, attached to the trees… which is really bizarre, because by the end of October the trees are pretty much skeletons in Vermont. Instead, I have big, poofy orange, yellow and red maples everywhere. It’s gorgeous! I drove for two hours today, and didn’t even mind because it was so picturesque. Apple crushing parties are still going on, cider donuts and pies, pumpkins on every corner, grocery store front, and a farm-stand every few miles with cinnamon and sugar wafting from it. Even the gas stations here have fresh local hot apple cider on tap.

But people, I am ready to put up my winter holiday decor. Well, in my head anyway. The house isn’t ready as we’re about to start ripping out more floors and getting ready to paint walls and figure out how to paint a ceiling that is 20ft up (if I die, this is how it happened. Just for the record.) The master bathroom is still torn apart. Once that is all done, I can decorate. We were supposed to be done by November 1st, but there is no way that is going to happen, which makes me blue. But, but, but… it’s not even Halloween yet, so WHAT is my problem? Why am I ready to move onto the twinkle lights and tinsel?

NO idea.

I do know I’m not the only one. Some parents have complained that their kids have been wearing holiday attire for weeks now. My own daughter is struggling with the intense urge to put her tree up, even though she lives in North Carolina and it’s much warmer there. Granted, we have always decorate on November 1st, because I like to enjoy the decor (but I am the “TAKE IT DOWN!” type on January 2nd. What is so charming becomes depressing once the holiday has passed.) Still, this is early, even for me.

I did manage to get in a Halloween-ish painting in between the chaos and a few family emergencies. I came up with the BEST name for it after the fact, and my kids (21 and almost 19, so they’re not totally “kids”, but what do you call them at that age?) think I’m just an idiot. I happen to think it was brilliant. So, I present to you all “A Bat Hare Day”:

“A Bat Hare Day” 9×12 inches, acrylic on canvas, SOLD

When I told my kids the name, they actually looked disgusted with me. So, I made it worse by saying “Get it? GET IT??? Like a bad hair day, but with bat and h-a-r-e???”

Yep, I’ve become that person. I don’t know what happened. I still think the name is the most perfect name I have ever had for a painting thus far. They just don’t appreciate my wit. *hrmph*

Maybe it was because I was so pleased with my painting (I really do like him. I’m usually pretty critical of my work, and while I know I will always have a lot of improvement to make as a professional artist for the rest of my life, no matter what… I just really like him, anyway.) I finished a satisfying seasonal painting, and maybe that just capped the Halloween season off for me. I also started on my holiday (I’d say Christmas, but it’s non-denominational, just sort of festive and wintery) annual painting. For some reason it has pushed me even further into the holiday abyss (even though I’m a month late on it, and usually it doesn’t have this effect on me), and now all I want is snow and twinkle lights.

It’s gotten so bad that tonight I finally found a way to get the Hallmark channel, so I can have those not so great holiday romance movies playing while I paint. I can’t sit and watch them, but they’re fun to have on in the background while I work. Everyone is so happy, as if they’re sprinkling Prozac onto their sugar cookies and snorting it off the mistletoe while they learn some sort of (usually obnoxious) life lesson and fall hopelessly in love. In the end, I am a sucker for a happy ending. A happy ending with twinkle lights, snow, and candy canes.

I’m also debating the fact that my studio isn’t part of the remodel until January, so… technically, I COULD decorate it now. I mean, it is my busy season, so getting to it when I have a spare moment so I have a cheerful and happy place to produce art in the coming weeks – even if it is too early to decorate, well, that’s just good business sense, isn’t it?

Is anyone else feeling like the year is just running on the wrong time schedule?


4 thoughts on “Isn’t Halloween Over Yet?”

  1. Oh my, goodness! Your autumn sounds so beautiful. All the stuff you describe is so enticing. Is too late to host me for an autumn visit? 😀

    Ha…ha! “A Bat Hare Day” the name is hilarious. But, but…Wow, the painting itself is gorgeous! No wonder its sold already. Well done with this achievement, see baby steps in the middle of your “chaos” with home renovations prove to be fruitful. You should be proud and pleased indeed with your painting.

    As for wanting snow and twinkle lights, I hear you. The thought of dark and depressing November makes me look forward to the magical winter. Some people here having started with winter decorations because daylight is getting shorter and shorter. But yeah, you do sound like you are in a serious holiday mood. And why not, with decorating of your studio to add more cheer!


    1. Vermont pretty much has stuff going non-stop until New Year’s out here. It’s one of the things I really enjoy, even if I don’t make it to them, just knowing they’re going on. The have community bonfires and sleigh-rides and such in December too. All very small town (so it’s not sleigh-rides with thousand of people, but maybe 100 total.)

      November being dark and sad, it isn’t bad here I think because there is just so much holiday prep… and turkey hunting (my husband is into that, hasn’t caught one yet, though! ha! I’m secretly glad about that.) Twinkle lights go up, the hot chocolate booth starts operating in town, etc. January, when most of that is over is when it feels blah to me sometimes, but I do love the snow so much. Still, I’m twinkle lights year round (I have them on the beams in my studio!) There is something very positive about them, I’m not sure why.

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