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Early Onset… something

I feel that I have to channel my daughter when I say this… “People, I legit forgot I had a blog.”

Yes, really. I”m 44, but I’m starting to wonder if I need to go get checked out or something. I was even at my computer last night, messing around during some rare free-time, and it never even occurred to me to write or check my blog. I only remembered I had one when a comment notification came in today (thanks Karl!) To be fair, I’m beyond busy. Or, my brain is simply overwhelmed with everything going on, even if I’m not physically engaged all the time.

My daughter has decided to move BACK to North Carolina in six weeks. (sigh) Upside, she plans on going back to college to finish her degree with a new path at this point (not every path requires college, but at the moment hers does.) She’ll have to work for a year to re-establish residency, which is stupid since she’s not considered a resident anywhere at this point since she’s only been in VT from NC since November. The school shrugged and said “not our problem”, even though she WAS a resident and WAS enrolled just last Spring.

My daughter also turns 21 in a week, so we’re planning a small party for that (read that as me buying a bunch of different mixes and alcohols to make fun *tiny, in shot-glasses* drinks for everyone, so I’ll probably be labeled as the town drunk at check-out later this week. Yay.) I also need to bake a cake.

The week after my daughter’s birthday, my son is (hopefully) graduating from high school – which means my parents arrive in a week to stay with us for two weeks(!), and my son’s girlfriend arrives from NC a little after my parents arrive to also stay for a week(!!). I’ll need to bake another freakin’ cake (and I can’t even eat gluten – medically, this sucks. Two cakes. Dagnabbit! At least WINE is gluten-free.)

In order to facilitate everyone having a bed, I have to finish my bedroom. Right now, I’m sleeping in the guest room (that mattress is NOT as good as I thought) and this is my living room:

Spot the cats!

We’re working flat-out at this point. My husband gets back from England today, and we probably won’t sleep until we’re done with the bedroom renovations. Here is a before picture of my bedroom, and then current state in the process:

25 yr old nasty carpet ripped out, but basically the before picture
Trim, ceiling, and wall painted! Now we have to install the floor, floor trim, and a nifty faux reclaimed wood accent wall that our bed will sit against.

We did finish our mini-family room. The previous owners used it as a sort of weird sitting/tv room, right off the master bedroom. We’re turning it into our theater room because we probably won’t have many visitors looking to watch movies with us, and because we CAN. HA! The previous owners built massive shelves on every single wall, so we had a huge job of ripping everything out, but here it is all done (and all the same colors and stuff as the master, so you can see where it’s all headed):

Here’s the TV room faux wall, like we’re doing in the bedroom. I found a youtube video of someone going to great lengths (and money) to rough up wood, attach it to the wall and then stain it. Then I saw some cheap flooring at Home Depot and wondered why people don’t just use THAT instead, because it looks and feels like the stuff? And then I found a how-to on youtube with the flooring on a wall, and we totally did that! $100 faux reclaimed wood wall, HA! Take that fancy-pants-remodeler-people spending $3,000 on a freaking wall!

We haven’t found a console stand yet.

We’re replacing doorknobs too. You’d be amazed what a difference that silly little element makes, and we’re doing it all on the cheap while I scour the internet for the best prices – because seriously, I have to help my kids pay for college (because it’s gotten insane, and our country is stupid. They’ll still graduate with debt, because they should be invested in their degree/careers, but not the stupid amount that the colleges would have it be nowadays.)

In the midst of doing that, my daughter’s roommate figured out she cannot afford (nor is she taking care of) her two cats. Of the two cats, there was a kitten. A kitten I’m freaking in love with… so, I now have a new kitten. (The other cat is going back to the shelter she got it from, which are all no-kill in Vermont, so she’ll find a better home.)

Cleo, being held by my son, when the roommate first got her at about five-six weeks – yes I’m aware that’s too young, she got her from a family member whose barn-cat had kittens.
Meet Cleopatra… Cleo, for short. There is some suspicion of a Maine Coon, but for now she’s tiny. We shall see! Just look at those whiskers!

I went from having one cat at a time for basically my whole life, to four cats all at once in about six months. But… LOOK AT HER! Oh, the cuteness! She also has six toes on each paw, and uses them like hands with thumbs. She’s currently isolated from the other cats because the roommate never took her to the vet even once, so she’s had her shots and whatnot and will be introduced soon when it’s hopefully safe. For now, Cleo is in the guest room with me, and she sleeps on my chest at night (people, I can’t even. She’s just the cutest thing ever.)

I’ve barely gotten any work (art) done, and I’ve been eating chocolate like crazy. Life is pushing my limits right now! But, I have a kitten AND I remembered I have a blog! Go me!

7 thoughts on “Early Onset… something”

  1. You’re doing a nice job on the remodel, but it’s hard to actually notice the inside with the lovely, verdant views out those windows!


  2. You made laugh Kyra that you forgot you had a blog. Sometimes I’d like to forget too, blogging can be a time suck, especially when busy with other things. But thanks to the comment notification to remind you, because I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

    Good luck to your daughter on her studies and residency. Hope the move is easy for both of you. And a 21st on the mix; exciting times. Have fun with the preparations. As for being labeled as the town drunk, I’d say it sounds like one of the joys of living in a small town…LOL!

    Oi! You have your hands full with all the renovations, parties and guests. I’m busy painting a guest room myself, in anticipation of summer visitors…phew, lots of work but nothing to your scale. Take it easy, go outside, have fun and everyone will have a space to sleep somehow. 🙂

    Cleo is quite cute, in fact all kittens are so adorable. Even I as a person who doesn’t like cats much, I love them at this stage. How sweet that she sleeps on your chest…See such a good companion to slow you down with all the things that keep you busy.

    All the best, you gonna need that chocolate and wine. 😀


    1. I figured out if I bought stuff during memorial weekend, people would assume I was just having a memorial day party – so I managed to navigate that one! I’m definitely going to need more chocolate and wine now, though (my parents arrived 24 hours ago…)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Funny thing, two weeks ago I almost left you a comment as a friendly reminder your blog was there. Heh heh.

    BTW, it kills me to think you and I are the same age and your oldest is turning 21 while my oldest will turn 7 in September.


    1. AND my youngest is graduating high school and is already 18! I can’t imagine having a 7 year old right now, I’m so freaking tired! LOL


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