A Little Bit of Hope

Today is the first day of classes for my son, who has officially been moved to college. It wasn’t an easy move, because as it turns out that his dorm is one without air conditioning and his room (with three other guys) was clocking in around 85 degrees at 8AM move-in. My son actually got very ill with heat-sickness before we could get his doctor (who decided to go for a “teachable life moment” instead of helping right away, because medications he takes which makes heat dangerous for him) and housing to coordinate. Once we did, we raced up with a portable A/C and it took a couple days for my son to recover, missing a lot of orientation activities.

On Friday, after dropping the A/C off, I went down with a migraine. Saturday, my husband and I had one of those take-away meals from Olive Garden, and we both went down with food poisoning. That is NOT how I thought I would spend my first weekend as a hopeful empty-nester.

We DID, however, buy ourselves a cake on the way home from dropping him off initially. It was our party cake! We never buy cakes, except for things like graduation, so this was fun! Once we could eat it, we had cake for breakfast. Because we’re mature like that.

I fielded calls as my son was left behind throwing up in the bathroom while his peers went to the activities, and worried. But then yesterday (Sunday) there was nothing. No calls, no texts, nada. With my daughter, no communication means she’s probably in a ditch somewhere (she’d be the first to have her phone surgically implanted.) However, with my son, we think no news is good news! No word today either. So, today I have some hope that he will be successful and MY life will get back on track!

That being said, I was asked by my veterinarian to hang my animal art in their office. I didn’t have a lot, but I brought what I had and hung that on Friday. Now, I’m actually waiting for a call to meet a buyer for one of the pieces. I think that’s a good sign that I need to get my studio rolling again, too! I want to. Too much of my self-worth is wrapped up in it, and I haven’t been able to paint consistently for a long while.

Obviously, this is more of an “I’m still alive!” post. I hope to have more subject oriented posts as I have my time to myself once again… but for now? Yep, still alive!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Hope”

  1. Ouch! So much sickness. Really hope you’re all feeling much better by now. Pity your son missed out on the orientation (and its fun) but he’ll hopefully catch up.

    Congrats on managing to hand your art at the vet. And all the best with the buyer. Here’s to hoping for happy empty-nester days to come! 😀


  2. Wow, how odd. Just posted a “hi, I’m still alive” post myself. Way to go on the art sale! Sounds like it’s past time for you to get the brushes onto canvas again.


  3. No a/c and it’s still a diminution also college in this day and age of luxury dorms and suites that slate nice than Fifth Avenue condos? Sheesh. Barbarians!

    Here’s hoping he really is okay.


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