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In Sweaters

It’s Autumn, and yet again I’ve gone a month without writing. In that time, my anniversary happened (24th), and more struggle with my son and his college stuff. For a little while, I thought everything might be ok, and I actually experienced some happy days. ACTUAL happy days. I haven’t had that in almost five years.

It’s a strange thing, realizing that you have forgotten what something so basic feels like. Oh, sure, happy moments… but happy days? WHOLE days? Wow, game changer! And then the bottom dropped out this past weekend, and suddenly you are angry because you feel like something was stolen back from you. (Of course, I can’t elaborate.)

So, instead I’ll share that during those happy days I actually finished a painting:

“Rowan” (9×12, Acrylic on canvas, original sold)

I had to stay up really late to get it done for my deadline, and during that I was startled to realize how awake and aware I felt. Being able to live like the natural night owl I have always been (my biological family are all night owls) felts SO GOOD! So, now that I’m an empty nester with no reason to live on everyone else’s schedule, I’m going to try to live on my own for the first time! It’s very exciting, you know.

I also finished my deadlines, and now I’m able to work on whatever I want. Currently? A lamb in a sweater. My daughter and some others thinks I should do a mini-series of Autumn animals in sweaters… I might just do that, especially as I’m finally able to dig out my own as the leaves have started to change!

So, quick check in. Again. Here’s hoping I’ll check in more frequently… again.


2 thoughts on “In Sweaters”

  1. Congrats on such an important milestone; your anniversary! And Rowan (the painting) sits pretty in that pic. πŸ™‚ Glad he found a good home. Keep well, and keep checking in. It’s always good to hear your updates.


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