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A Little Paint

My work had a certain trajectory and pace, once. I interrupted that when we decided that relocating to North Carolina made sense in 2014 (huge mistake, but it's done and I'm back in Vermont. *deep breaths*) As soon as we said "Go", everything destabilized in my world. It's little stuff from having things where you… Continue reading A Little Paint


A Different Fairytale

I almost never get into talking politics, current issues, or something else controversial on my blogs. The reason for that is that even 10-20ish years ago (lordy, I've been at this a long time; I used to BBS in 1990, run boards on AOL and stuff later, I'm THAT much of a nerd) if you… Continue reading A Different Fairytale

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Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)

Traditionally when you start up a blog, introductions are in order. Back in the day, I was a 20-something, then a 30-something blogger, and now I'm 44. I'm over the "something" part, I'm 44. I feel like "something" added some sort of hidden dread of getting older. As if that would somehow stave it all… Continue reading Chocolate, Art and Life (Who Am I?)